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HIV AIDS Awareness Program Activities:

Today in India,there are more than 5.7 million registered HIV +ve cases as per Indian Health Dept & NACO.The social stigma for HIV +ve children and women is prevalent across the country.Hence these women and children,particularly from poor and rural households are turned away from their homes and families after deaths of their parent(s) / spouse.
Mamta foundation,through the aims to assist in the rehabilitation and welfare of these children and women.
We call upon all of you to join us in transforming the lives of children and women living with HIV AIDS.


Our NGO is totally devoted in providing health assistance to the deprived class of the society who is affected by leprosy, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS, blindness and other health conditions. The health assistance is provided through various Health Care Programs, which are started in rural areas. As good health plays a vital role in everybody’s life thus we organize many medical camps under our Health Care Program. Moreover, these Health Care Programs are initiated for all those people who are not able to get proper treatment for their aliments and medication.

Why HIV positive child ?

Lack of awareness about HIV and AIDS leads to rejection from main stream society. India registered 5.7 million cases in 2007. Rehabilitation facilities for such children are not in proportion to the increasing number of registered cases. Hence our primary aim is to increase the life span by providing high protein diet, nutritional support and medical treatment, bring them in the main stream by providing basic education and exposure to society, provide rehabilitation, community health, women empowerment and spreading awareness and enabling social acceptance. We create an atmosphere of love, care, happiness and understanding for each child to ensure physical, emotional and overall development.
We call upon all of you to join us in transforming the lives of children and women living with HIV AIDs.

About Us

Janswasthya Chetna Samiti has been working on health related issues since its inception in 2000. In Saharanpur district, disadvantaged communities are faced with a lack of knowledge


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